Summer is a fantastic time to market a property as you can show off the outside as well as the in.  At this time of year the interest in properties with outdoor space increases as we look forward to spending time in the garden having barbecues or pruning the plants. 


Don’t fear if you only have a small garden or patio as these properties are also desirable because of their low maintenance.  For properties with very little or no garden space then we would advise adding a splash of colour by placing flower pots or hanging baskets around balconies, entrances or windowsills.


If your property does not have a garage but does have substantial size for a shed then you could find that it’s a worthwhile investment and will add another feature to your garden.  Privacy and safety are also key considerations for house buyers.  Check that your fencing is sturdy, replace any rusted gate or garage locks and motion sensor lights are also seen as a desirable safety feature.  


During the summer season your garden will be a useable space not only during the day but also at night.  Adding a few solar powered lights will help encourage the idea of summer evenings spent outdoors and is a very low cost investment.


Most importantly don’t forget the basics such as trimming the grass, hedges, trees and getting rid of weeds.  Clean the decking, patio and windows.  Keep the garden tidy and free from clutter.  It can be worthwhile calling in an expert for further help and advice with this especially during the summers months. 


Outdoor space is in demand whatever shape or size your property has to offer so now is the time to make the most of it and get creative!  For more handy hints and tips then please do not hesitate to contact us.