Is interior design essential when listing your home?  Read our blog on how the interiors of your home can help it stand out in a crowd of listings!


You may debate whether to invest money in a property that you intend to sell but from our experience the benefits far outweigh the initial pay out.  Changes to the interiors can increase your chances of finding a buyer and your final profit!


Buyers often look at multiple listings so the right interior design can help your property stand out.  Given the choice of two alike properties, buyers will often choose the one that has a cohesive design over a property that needs updating.  Here are some of our handy hints and tips on how to revamp your home:


Buyers are put off by outdated or over-the top décor and carpets.  Freshen things up with new rugs or carpeting.  Repaint walls that are too bright or too dark and take down any wallpaper that is too busy or too loud.  Keep the colour scheme neutral and this will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. 


Eliminate bad odours, damp and bad smells.  Rectify poor DIY jobs and make sure any building work is finished.  A property that looks well maintained will appeal to buyers so replace anything that looks shabby or tired.


Declutter and give your home a deep clean to really show off its true potential.  Go for the minimalistic look so buyers can see as much of the space as possible.  Visit a “show home” to get a feel for what is current in today’s market.


Having spent time living in your home, you undoubtedly have come up with some good practical ideas on how to use the space.  For instance, you may know that although your property has a dining room there is space in the kitchen for casual dining of up to four people.  Maybe your garage also has space for a home gym, or your under-stair space has room for a desk or storage.  Potential buyers want you to share that knowledge to inspire them on how to use the space effectively.  To help them paint a clear picture, we would advise that you leave only the furniture, appliances, and accessories needed to give the room a practical purpose and get rid of clutter.


Features in your home such as kitchen upgrades or bathroom remodels are a consideration for buyers when deciding how much to offer and will also be taken into consideration during the agent’s valuation.  Taking the time to spruce things up may generate more offers.


Have a look at this home that has maximised the use of space giving the inspiration to viewers that this is a multifunctional room.