Searching for your dream home is a bit like internet dating… if you like what you see, you click to proceed!


Let’s face it, you wouldn’t post that “selfie” if it wasn’t at the right angle with good lighting and that’s exactly why we recommend professional photographs.  It is not to mislead buyers but to simply show your home as it’s best because a good first impression will be a lasting one.


As online house hunters scroll through the listings they will automatically be drawn to properties they like the look of so quality photographs are needed to grab their attention. Key decisions, such as what house to view, can be triggered solely by the image alone.  The use of a professional photographer will encourage potential purchasers to lift the phone and arrange a viewing. 


These days many of us fancy ourselves as amateur photographers with our camera phones and “gopros” capturing that perfect family photo or sunset view.  However, a photo speaks a thousand words and this one needs to scream buy me!  Our professional photographers use their expertise and a dispassionate eye to capture images that are most likely to interest a buyer.  They will maximise the appeal of your property by using wide angles to showcase the size of the property, sky replacement for a bright exterior that will attract attention, feature shots for that statement photo and can also offer drone photography for stunning aerial shots.


It is vital the property is well presented to get that money shot!  Here are some of our handy hints and tips for setting the scene:-


De-clutter so as not to distract the buyer’s attention from the true potential of the property.


Turn on all overhead lightening and lamps. Replace any bulbs that no longer work.  Draw the curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible.


Make the beds with clean sheets, clear away any clothes or laundry and keep the bedroom as minimalistic as possible to set the scene for a tranquil night’s sleep.


Go for the hotel bathroom look with the toilet seat down, toiletries put away, floor mats removed and layout fresh towels.


Give the property kerb appeal by mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. Hide the bins and keep the driveway clear.


Most importantly the property needs to be sparkling clean!


At Armstrong Anderson we work alongside professional photographers who can also provide you with further advice and assistance on how to prepare your home for photographs.   


The best part is the price! From as little as £60.00 you can have big results in getting your property noticed with our professional photography.