You will be pleasantly surprised at the statistics and what we have to offer that NO OTHER AGENT in Belfast does!


Many people think it is not a good idea to sell their home during the wintry festive period.  Read our blog and you may be surprised to know that you are actually missing out on a real opportunity! People feel motivated to make a change with the New Year approaching and your neighbours may be holding off selling their home until Spring, making this a great time to buy and sell with less competition!


Sellers need to take advantage of this time of Year!

Do not be afraid to list your home over Christmas.  Property portals show that statistically, Boxing Day is one of the most popular days in December for people browsing properties online. 


We understand Christmas is a busy time and therefore, we offer something that no other estate agent in Belfast has to offer… a ‘Do Not Disturb’ policy.  We will put your property on the market before Christmas but refrain from viewings until after the New Year. 


This way you won’t miss out on the substantial spike of online property browsers during the days immediately following Christmas and Boxing Day.  As soon as the Boxing Day leftovers are out of the way then the search begins for those who are looking for a new home in the New Year.  We can confirm that the statistics are true, having received telephone calls and e-mail leads from property portals on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day!


If you’re thinking this is not a good time of year for sellers or buyers, then you have it all wrong!  Christmas is a time when the family are all together, with all the key decision makers present they have time to discuss moving and arrange viewings.  Not to forget all those new gadget gifts like iPads, laptops and phones that they are just dying to use to get online.


People who are house hunting in December and January are committed buyers as they are undeterred by the time of year or the weather.  It is the perfect time to find a buyer who is motivated to moving quickly.  By selling your home over the Christmas season, you are more likely to achieve a better selling price than you would trying to sell against the flurry of stock in the spring market.  There also tends to be less properties for sale around this time of year and therefore less competition to compete against for a buyer’s attention.  Many sellers hold off until after the New Year and miss out on the busy online searching that takes place between Christmas and New Year.  In the New Year, there will be a rush of people looking to buy and sell so beat them to it by getting your sale registered with us now! 


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